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    Dogs Jigsaw Puzzles App

    The first jigsaw puzzle app we made, particular attention was made to make it a kids friendly app, as is the fact with all our apps :)

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    Isn't he cute?

    This is just one of the cute puppies we used to create our jigsaw puzzle app.

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    Cats Jigsaw Puzzles

    We love kitties too :) This is our second app, these little kitties are soo cute you won't be able to take your hands off this app.

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    A Star Is Born!

    This little kitty is one of the stars in our Cats Jigsaw Puzzle app, isn't she adorable?!

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    Castles Jigsaw Puzzles

    Images of castles in this app are just amazing, you can find both the Bran Castle (original Dracula castle) as well as Eilean Donan castle in Scotland, Highlander the movie was made here!

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    Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

    Christmas is our favorite time of the year, it made the perfect sense to make an app with beautiful Christmas images!

Puzzle Commander Apps -

First Feature Image

Cities Jigsaw Puzzle

We don't make just cute animals jigsaw puzzle apps, this app portrays some of the most beautiful cities in the world -New York, London, Vienna, Sydney and many others.

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Vintage Cars Jigsaw Puzzles

None of the cars used in this app is from this century, and most are a real old timers. We have everything from Ford Models T and A, magnificent Alfa Romeo 12c up to original VW Beetle from 1950's and many others!

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Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzles

This is the app we are currently working on, prepare to be amazed. We take you directly to Jurassic Park with this app!

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